Epila Home Laser Hair Kit

There are many different types of home laser hair removal kits on the market. One of the most popular is the Epila. This is an inexpensive handheld product and is said to be 80% effective when compared to a professional laser treatment. This particular model is designed to remove hair from the upper lip, face, chest, legs, underarms, and back. It does this by giving off high amounts of energy of heat that will destroy the hair follicle.

Because it is a smaller device trying to remove the hair will take more time to do than if you would have a professional perform the treatment. However, rather then spending $200 per treatment you will spend that much one time. There are methods you can use which will help to make this worth your time. It is best to use it during the anagen phase of the hair growth when it is easier to remove it.

Many people have claimed that laser hair removal is worthwhile but it can be rather painful depending on who is doing it. The Epila removal kit is designed to remove the majority of that pain. When using it you will feel a slight discomfort that will vary depending upon the person’s sensitivity. It is not uncommon for the affected area to become red for a few minutes or even a few days.

In order to use this laser hair removal kit you must have hair that is darker than the skin. If you have a tan you will need to wait for it to fade before using it. Anyone who is blonde or who has very dark skin will not have positive results and should consider another method.

This device is not meant to be used around the eye. Anyone who tries to shape their eyebrows with this could permanently damage their eyes. Any area that has been treated must not be exposed to strong sunlight until the discomfort has faded.