Home Laser Hair Removal Complications

Many of us are jumping at the chance to perform home laser hair removal. All of us detest shaving and waxing is so painful that we wonder why we put ourselves through it. To be able to perform laser removal at home would save us thousands of dollars and give us the smooth skin we love. Before you commit to buying an IPL or Epila kit though we ask that you consider the complications and risks that are involved.

There are some healthcare professionals that will tell you these hand held devices are effective and safe to use. There are also some that will say that say that these are not the safest to use. When misused they can cause severe problems – but when used properly the complications could be minor.


The number one problem to worry about are infections. In order for the device to remove the hair it has to permanently remove the hair from the follicle at the root. If this is not done properly this can cause an infection in the skin. While this infection might not always be serious it can be painful and might need to be treated by your doctor.


These products are sold and claim that anyone can use these with little to no problems. However, this is a powerful device that is effective and you must have the knowledge to know what to do. If you have an unsteady hand than you are going to make a mistake. The wrong movement could cause infection, irritation, and scarring.


Like with a professional laser removal treatment only a select few people are able to use this effectively. Those who have dark hair and light skin are the best candidates for this. Anyone who has dark skin or a tan or light hair will risk discoloration, blisters, and scarring if they try to use the device.